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Possible causes:

  • Baptist explanation: There must be sin in your life. Everyone else opened it fine.
  • Presbyterian explanation: It's not God's will for you to open this link.
  • Word of Faith explanation: You lack the faith to open this link. Your negative words have prevented you from realizing this link's fulfillment.
  • Charismatic explanation: Thou art loosed! Be commanded to OPEN!
  • Unitarian explanation: All links are equal, so if this link doesn't work for you, feel free to experiment with other links that might bring you joy and fulfillment.
  • Buddhist explanation: .........................
  • Episcopalian explanation: Are you saying you have something against homosexuals?
  • Christian Science explanation: There really is no link.
  • Atheist explanation: The only reason you think this link exists is because you needed to invent it.
  • Church counselor's explanation: And what did you feel when the link would not open?

The secret to everything is there no secret to anything

Thursday, 4 December 2014
All information is there for everyone. Some of it more or less difficult to reach but if you read this, how-to about pretty much anything is within a few clicks. All you need is curiosity, patience, and perseverance. 

Of the three I would say curiosity is the most important. You see, curiosity makes you ask questions - they are your pass to the land of knowledge. 

A question is a little bit like what a key is  to a small chest box. Every box can be opened by its own key just like every answer comes with its own question. 

Google can be a very good example. You can ask it anything and everything but only the right question will get you the answers you are looking for. 

A few lines on life and happines

Friday, 10 October 2014

"We live in a culture of the quick fix. But great art rarely happens quickly; it comes from a long process of awareness and hard work."

"Happiness isn't your birthright, nor is it something you deserve. Happiness, like anything else, is work—it has to be earned. It occurs when a person creates the causes and conditions for its appearance and its growth. Having a way to check in with yourself to make sure you’re watering the seeds of happiness in your life and art, your own personal Gross Artistic Happiness index say, can help you stay on track and ensure a career that is focused, forward moving, rewarding, and joyful. "

Made me chuckle

Sunday, 5 October 2014
German is a language which was developed solely to give the speaker the opportunity to spit at stragers under the guise of polite conversation

Carpet Madness in Lewisham is closing down

Friday, 29 August 2014
I've had enough of that madness ... I'm just gonna take a nap.

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